Why Teachers Are The Cornerstone Of An Ideal Society?

Long time back an incumbent President of India narrated an incident in his Republic Day speech. It was an incident when he was in Nagaland on an official trip where he was talking to a group of students and teachers as well as parents. It was there that a student of 10th std rose and asked him that, “Sir, can we remove corruption from the country and take it towards development?” when our president Dr Kalam asked his parents and teachers if they could answer it they embarrassingly said that “Sir, don’t pay heed to his question he must not have asked you this.” But the president answered that any law cannot conquer it but then there are 3 people who can make a difference they are –Mother, Father and a Primary Teacher. Every parent works to get the best opportunities for their child but it is the teacher who works tirelessly in a class to bring the best out of each of her student.  I take pride in the fact that I am part of the tribe of such primary teachers.

I choose to be a teacher not for a good salary or easy life but to touch lives and hearts and souls. A teacher continues to live in the memories of her students long after the student and teacher cease to be in contact directly. A child’s personality, character and values reflect the kindness once showered on them by their primary teachers. Though for a teacher the challenge is to keep herself motivated to continue on the path. Besides, she constantly needs to reinvent herself with every child as no two children are same. Nevertheless, the immense joy and pride that I am building a kind and happy human is what keeps me going despite all odds.

Like the adage goes with this power comes the responsibility. At times I feel inexplicably responsible for my students.

I hope to continue on this journey as a teacher and do justice to the lives of students.

By Neha D Sharma

( Disclaimer: Views expressed by the author are personal & not subject to reproduction.)

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  • Neha Bahuguna , Direct link to comment

    Totally with you, dear. I have been teaching since 12 years. I feel younger, eager to learn, and enthusiastic to go to school every morning. Its the satisfaction and the joy of fulfillment of touching lives, and the future, that keeps me going strong…

  • Shalini , Direct link to comment

    It’s true that major role in reducing corruption from our country are of parents nd teacher if we inculcate good values and environment for them than it will be work for youth definitely

  • Shalini , Direct link to comment

    It’s true that the major role in making our country better is of coming generation and the teachers and parents from starting inculcate good values and provide better environment then it will work definitely

  • Adarsh , Direct link to comment

    Such positive attitude of teacher helps in nation building. Teacher must fulfil there responsibility.

  • Nirupma Gupta , Direct link to comment

    It’s not only just a saying that,” Of all the hard jobs around, one of the hardest is being a teacher”, it’s a complete truth. A teacher leaves a deep and long lasting impact on students which can transform their lives and help them lead life with an optimistic approach. So let’s enter this profession by choice………….

  • Mrs. Nisankoch singh , Direct link to comment

    Remember that a teacher with strong character and true knowledge can enlighten and eliminates fundamental darkness in their students mind which helps them fight life,s toughest battles throughout their life.

  • Anonymous , Direct link to comment

    After reading this..
    I’m feeling proud to be a Primary teacher.
    We’re serving these tiny tots and in return they are giving us priceless Love.

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