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How To Raise Your Kid To Be A Confident Decision Maker

As parents we love our kids so much that we want to protect them, help them, make them happy & not just that, we want that they remain perfectly happy. Unfortunately, this can be called overparenting which might leave our kids unprepared for the world outside the nest. We need to equip our kids with simple, basic & essential skills popularly known as life skills. There can be no perfect age to start with life skill training. Earlier we start the better it is.

Some very simple changes in our behaviour can make our kids confident leaders. The best part about starting early is that stakes are low but as kids grow up the pressure increases to perform & do well with stakes also growing high.

Among many, one very essential life skill is making right decisions at the right time.

“Waiting hurts. Forgetting hurts. But not knowing which decision to take can sometimes be the most painful.”

Effective decisions play a major role not only in professional life but also personal. The decisions we make affect our destiny in long run. It is vital that we learn to trust ourselves and our instincts for the same. Learning to make good decisions after weighing all pros and cons, is a skill which would gradually help our children become independent and responsible. We as parents need to provide a free atmosphere at home to encourage their decision making. These are a few ways aimed at developing their thinking skills which would lead to effective decision

1.Let Them Make Choices

Every day we make lots of big and small decisions like what to cook, what to wear, what channel to watch, what music to hear.Similarly giving our kids liberty to choose the clothes they want to wear, the colour of their dress, their hairstyle. They can decide at a given point of time that they prefer to watch TV or go out to play. After practising over these simple choices they would slowly graduate towards more complex ones. As which hobby class they would prefer taking. We can simplify it by giving them a choice between two or three. This will also develop a sense of responsibility amongst them.

2. Having a Conversation

Discussing your small everyday decisions gives them a sense of belonging and importance. During the course of such conversations, the importance of the decision and its consequences would be impressed upon them indirectly. They would also learn to think and evaluate different options which would ultimately lead them towards an effective decision. Subtle words of the parent would not only motivate the children but also give them a positive direction.

3.Encouraging Kids To Make Decisions

As children start thinking in this direction they should be encouraged in the following manner-

  •  thinking of all possible options available before deciding on a matter.
  •  then evaluating the options and weighing the consequences of each one of them.
  •  choosing the best option and sealing one’s own decision.
4. Make the Mind-Mill  Run of the Kids

Discussion plays an important role. After children decide on a matter they should be able to explain their decision. They have to be prompted towards logical and ethical decision – making by asking open-ended questions to make their mind mill running.

One very important aspect of decision -making which should be impressed upon our kids is that of taking responsibility for their decisions and sticking to them bearing its consequences. This we as adults are also unable to do many a time due to the constantly changing and challenging environment we are thriving in. If we as parents are able to instil the value of taking the responsibility of one’s own decision in our kids, we are not only making responsible citizens but also would be able to form a responsible society in the long run.

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