How's the josh? High Sir.

How’s the JOSH?

The tension between India and Pakistan peaked following a tragic, horrendous and cowardly attack on paramilitary convoy on 14th February. Many incidents have taken place since that attack such as the air strike, PM’s motivating speeches, then united and now disjointed opposition stand, Wing Commander captured and released, cease fire violations, acts of violence against Kashmiri students studying in different parts of our country and many others who have lost their voice because of these frames. And after a long time the entire nation is united, fuming with anger and grieving the loss of our brave brothers. Some called for multiple surgical strikes, going to war with Pakistan who continues to provide shelter to terrorist organizations, peace-talks, and sanitization of Kashmir.

How’s the josh? High Sir – A statement from recently released movie URI – based on the previous surgical strike that was conducted by Indian army has garnered fans across the nation. And since the Pulwama attack, the sentence is trending swiftly. Vocalizing this statement denotes or makes you ready to kill/be killed patriot. Anyone who has seen the movie knows this definitely sends chills down the spine. But that was reel not real. And that’s the truth that many of us are unable to comprehend. The gravity of the situation and those 5 words are completely misconstrued and has segmented our society into a lunatic, war-craving madmen and pacifist, pragmatic realists.

The only people asking for war are the ones who are never going to be any part of it. I think they are forgetting if there’s a war between 2 nations nobody is spared. The elite fighters who are going to fight the war for us do not wish for war itself. The war never leaves happy memories of the “win” but only the reminiscences of how things used to be. There are no winners, only causalities – parents, orphaned families, widower/widows, war veterans fighting the trauma of guilt, PTSD(short for, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), a scarred generation and a nation which has to begin developing itself, again, from the scratch.

To shed light on this thread of thought, here we have 3 of many instances which show and prove that the josh is never about going to war because A wise man never seeks out war, but he must always be ready for it.


Video Courtesy – India Today

5 days after the Pulwama terror attack, braving the snowfall and rains, over 2,000 Kashmiri youth participated in an Army recruitment rally in Barmulla’s district, J&K – against a vacancy of 111. “By joining Army, we can serve the nation and also protect our families and take care of them as we hardly have any employment opportunities in the valley,” a candidate at the recruitment drive, told news agency ANI. Another candidate said, “We cannot go outside Kashmir. This is a great opportunity for us. We wish that more vacancies are offered to us. If Kashmiri personnel will be deployed in the sensitive areas then they can talk to the people and deal with the ongoing crisis.”

How’s the josh? High SIR!!


Shradha Kushal Ganguly, an army wife, expressed her opinion through social media, stating that for people who don’t have the requisite knowledge or authority about the situations are the ones asking for war while in reality it’s the soldiers who have to fight the war for these halfwits. She has raised valid, agreeable and hard hitting points in her message.

How’s the josh? High SIR!!


Wife of Major Prasad Mahadik cracked SSB interview. Image Courtesy – SSBCRACK

Wife of Major Prasad Mahadik is all set to join the Officers Training Academy and will be inducted into the Indian Army in 2020. At an age where we all look to settle down, grieving the loss of a husband who sacrificed his life at the line of duty, now Gauri is doing every bit she can to make her husband proud and someday wear his stars and uniform. Gauri Mahadik is an inspiration to everyone in the country, she could have decided to stay in the comfort of sadness and loss, but she is the warrior major’s wife. They pretend that things are normal but push themselves to extreme length to safeguard the security of the nation.

If you know someone who is running high on josh, kindly ask him/her to join the armed forces and strengthen them, or maybe if they have children you could politely ask them to enrol their kids for the service of the nation. Politely, because we don’t want a civil war at this moment. Do not cut off the media. See through their agendas. The ones sitting inside the studios are the ones who are paid to control your minds and head. The decibels are high and the intellect is low. Ignore them because people like Gauri, Wing Commander, and those brave men who we lost a few days ago, men and women who are protecting our country while we sleep peacefully, warriors who conduct strikes inside enemies territories are the real news, they are the real deal and they are the reason why our JOSH IS HIGH SIR!!

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