EST. 2018

Stories are the thing we need most in
the world

How's the josh? High Sir.

How’s the JOSH?

by Vivek Joshi,
The gap between the rich and the poor is ever growing

Is the top 1% steering the whole country?

by Aakaash Grover,
Mahatma Gandhi

Remembering Bapu !!

by Vivek Joshi,

18 Pictures From Todays Republic Day Parade That Will Leave You Spell-Bound

by juno,
Actions speak louder than words

What’s Your New Year Resolution for 2019?

by Vivek Joshi,
Zifar is an amalgamation

Signs of a Toxic Relationship

by shilpa,

Why is feminism important for men too?

by juno,
A scene from Dead Poets Society movie

How To Raise Your Kid To Be A Confident Decision Maker

by juno,

How To Make Your Kid Ultra-Smart Through Storytelling?

by juno,
An image of chicken dish

9 Must Eat Places In Delhi

by juno,